Monday, February 9, 2015

Elder Cook Week One Hundred

I have pictures but I´m probably just going to give them to you when I get home.  In a weekish :) We are doing great!  Yes, my shoes will last. We married and baptized our family on Friday!!!  It was literally a miracle.  I´ll tell you a little about it!  So we´ve been going crazy this week getting all the papers together, and took it all over to the alcaldia in Ajuterique, a little pueblo about 30 minutes outside Comayagua. They told us there that there was one more paper that the family had to take out before everything was good.  We told the family about it and they went out to get it from a court house.  They came back, and told us that there could be some delays, there was some kind of problem.  We all were pretty crushed especially after all the work we had already put into this wedding.  But we decided to just go down there since it was already set up and see what would happen.  So we got to Ajuterique, sat down and turned in the papers that we had and hoped for the best.  The lady came right in and started up the wedding!  Elder Long and I looked at each other super shocked but tried not to let it show.  In the end, they got married!  We don´t know exactly how or why she forgot about that paper but we sure prayed hard the night before, so we know Heavenly Father wanted that family baptized.
I´m going all out this week! 

Love you  

Elder Cook